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B2B Translation Experts Agency

Notre agence de traductions b2b de Paris vous accompagne

Expert work: all your documents are translated by our experienced translators, each a specialist in his or her field. With several years’ translation experience to back us up, we pay special attention to translation quality in terms of your document’s style, level of technical detail and accessibility. We guarantee you’ll get an exact translation in accordance with international standards.



  • Expert-quality translation for professionals: we focus on B2B translations. When hiring translators, we rely on international standards applicable in the various fields of expertise and guarantee our teams’ long-standing professionalism. Team Translation Expertise is ISO 9001 certified by the SQS and IQNet, and we improve the standardisation of our quality and services procedures every day.


  • Quick turnover: we provide an immediate response. Get a personalized quote in less than one hour. As time is a crucial factor, we try to reduce turnover time as much as is possible without adversely affecting quality. We will also refer you to one of our many associated translation agencies if we believe we cannot translate your documents by the required deadline. We process urgent orders in light of the availability of our translators.


  • Wide range of supported formats: we translate all types of documents and offer various formats in which your documents can be delivered: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, pdf, jpeg, Photoshop, Illustrator, Html, css, psd, pdd etc.


  • All translators are native speakers and experts in their respective fields. Our translators are professionals who only translate into their native language, thus ensuring faultless quality and preserving linguistic specificities.


  • Preferential rates: you get attractive rates for high-quality translation services. Our basic rates include the translation and review of your documents as well as proofreading, provided by a second experienced translator.


  • Trust-based relationships: a T2X project manager is in charge of your project, from preparing your translation quote to delivering the translated documents. We always view our relationships as long-term ones, and make sure we meet our commitments. We hold ourselves fully responsible for the technical quality of T2X-translated documents.


  • Complete confidentiality: we guarantee the utmost discretion regarding contents and distribution of your documents. Where highly-sensitive documents are involved, and at your request, we are willing to sign a complementary confidentiality agreement and we protect your trade secrets.


  • A safe backup for your documents: we store your documents on our secure servers for 5 years.


  • Annual partnerships or regular collaborations: to make things easier for you and speed your projects up, we offer you a personalised platform in your company’s name, where you can upload your original documents and download the translations. The transfer process is fully automated.


  • We also translate audio and video files and offer our international subtitling services.


  • Do you need an interpreter during a business trip or some international negotiation? Consider our interpreting services; we’ll supply you with a professional interpreter who is an expert in your field.

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