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T2X advantages

  • A team of native translators, specialised in their respective areas
  • T2X is an expert in technical and scientific areas
  • A trusting relation based on our customers’ satisfaction
  • At least 2 translators contribute to your translation project
  • Your documents are translated, edited and reviewed independently
  • Creation of secure platforms for storing and exchanging documents
  • Different media formats are accepted
  • Strict quality control: ISO 9001-certified by SQS and IQNet
  • Five-year back-up your documents on our secure servers at no extra charge
  • Fast response: free quote in less than 60 minutes
  • Complete confidentiality for your sensitive documents
  • Translation-quality test on request at no extra charge
  • Systematic creation of technical glossaries from your translation
  • Strict compliance with deadlines to meet your time constraints
  • Evaluate the quality of your translation and help us improve our quality control
  • Ask us to link our “Customer References” page to your corporate website

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