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With the growing importance of globalisation and in order to deal with the internationalisation of exchanges, skills, and standards, translation services have become crucial if you wish to expand your professional activity under the best conditions.

The enlargement of both the European Union and the Euro zone open new international growth opportunities. The multiplicity of nationalities of the players involved is, in itself, a wealth to be tapped into, but it also raises new issues in terms of translations and of new-market penetration.

  • Communicating, conveying, negotiating, sharing, selling, outsourcing or merging: all these procedures. If carried abroad, require reliable, responsive and effective translation services. At Team Translation Expertise, this is what we believe in, which is why we offer our services to professionals who focus on quality, accuracy and high-end commercial service. Our agency specialises in technical areas including the Engineering, Multimedia, ICT, Financial and Legal sectors, and we offer you customised services to better meet your expectations.

  • Are you thinking of entering international business circles, translating your website into several languages, adapting your documents to new markets, or editing your business contracts to prepare for your expansion abroad? Don’t think twice: we will help you every step of the way in all your projects, regardless of your language pairs or spheres of activity.

  • The goal of our Europe-wide team of expert translators is to faithfully reproduce the contents of your documents while preserving their linguistic peculiarities, and to do so on time. Our commercial team is at your disposal throughout the entire translation process, providing a technical follow-up and ensuring deadlines are met.

  • Your satisfaction is our goal, and to achieve this, we will do our best to ensure you get a high-quality technical translation in the shortest timeframe.

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