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You may have questions about what a professional translation really entails, how we work, what guaranties we offer, who our translators are, or what our translation rates are. Hopefully, these FAQ – which were prepared on the basis of our clients’ observations and of comments gathered from other professional translation forums and are updated on a regular basis – will answer some of your questions and provide you with important information about what we do.

Who is assigned to a translation project?

Each project is entrusted to a translation team, which consists of a project manager, a translator who specialises in the appropriate language pair, a reviewer and proofreader (a second expert translator), and an administrative coordinator who also handles billing. That means at least four 4 individuals will be involved in your translation project.

How do you set your translation rates?

The translation rates indicated on our website are base rates for the most common language pairs, where the original – provided in a standard format (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, pdf, etc.…) – lies within the indicated technical areas. Normally, we apply a set rate per word (e.g., a translation from English to French in the commercial area costs 0.12 Euro cents). However, there are cases in which prices are set on a per-page, per-hour or per-line basis. The reasons for this are to make things easier for our customers and to simplify invoicing. Base rates will vary depending on the field (how technical the text is) and readability of the documents provided (for example, poorly rendered documents, such as a scanned sales contract, need much more processing time prior to translation and also require significant formatting).

Does your translation agency provide sworn translations for private clients?

We provide all kinds of translation, interpretation and transcription services for both corporate and private clients. Sworn translations, such as may be required by private clients for formal, administrative and legal documents, require the participation of a sworn translator. Do not hesitate to contact us for any sworn translation requests. Sworn translations may involve contracts, diplomas, birth certificates, driving permits, court decisions, publications, license agreements, patents, marriage certificates, notarial acts, etc.).

What if I have additional documents that need to be incorporated in a current translation project?

We’ve already started on your new project for the translation of technical documents, and you suddenly receive additional complements or annexes that must be appended to the project. When this happens, we guarantee that recently added documents will be treated by the same translators, to ensure the style and vocabulary remain consistent throughout the project. We will provide a new estimate under the same conditions and at the same rate, at no additional cost for urgency. We will do our best to meet quick-turnover deadlines for your complete translation project.

What if I’m not satisfied with the quality and/or services after my documents have been delivered?

Should this happen, we will take back the translation and forward it to another translator, to be reviewed and proofread extensively once more, with as little a delay as possible and at no additional cost. Finally, to improve the quality of our services and the proficiency of our network of translators, we pay special attention to your evaluation of our translation works.

What skills and qualifications do your translators have?

Our international translation team TTE consists of professional translators who are native speakers of their target language and who have at least 3 years’ experience in their technical fields of expertise. We ask of all our translators that they have a university degree in foreign languages, the required training, and a corresponding profile. Finally, while most of our translators have worked with us for several years, we are always on the lookout for new translators who specialise in technical fields and have both relevant professional experience and outstanding skills.

Do you accept urgent translation orders? Do they cost extra?

We treat all your urgent orders at no extra cost, depending on the availability of those of our translators who work in your specific technical area and in the required language pair. However, we value excellence above speed, and may therefore turn down an urgent order if we do not feel the proposed deadline allows for a quality translation. We can also assign a team of translators to a particular translation project to meet tighter deadlines.

What must I provide for you to produce a translation under optimum conditions?

We need your source documents, target languages, and your deadline in the case of urgent translations. Most requests for our services are processed by e-mail or over the phone. We view the client’s e-mail confirmation (in which the estimate is accepted) as a valid work order allowing us to start the translation process. The provision of higher-quality documents ensures the best processing of your documents within the shortest timeframe and at the best rates. The quality of scanned documents can vary a lot, which is why it’s usually simpler to work with electronic documents in formats such as Word, Excel, pdf, etc.

How can I be sure of the quality of the translations if I don’t speak the target language?

That’s exactly why you contacted our agency! We call upon our full know-how and experience to provide you with the translations that meet the most stringent language criteria: meaning, style, coherence and equivalency, format, clarity, precision. We never accept translation orders in language pairs we don’t handle fluently or in a field or area in which we are not skilled.

Do you translate to and from ancient languages or regional dialects?

Our wide network of specialised translators allows us to offer you linguistic combinations to and from most of the world’s main spoken languages. We treat specific requests involving ancient languages (Latin, Ancient Greek, etc.) or regional dialects on a case-by-case basis. We do our best to choose the best qualified professional translators, even for the most unlikely languages pairs or in the most highly technical or atypical fields.

Do you guarantee the confidentiality of all my documents?

Team Translation Expertise treats all translation offers entrusted to us in the strictest of confidence. When they join us, all of our translators sign our Confidentiality and Professional Discretion Agreement, which guarantees that all documents processed by Team Translation Expertise will be treated confidentially; this also applies to all other employees of ours (project managers, administrative coordinators, etc.), even if their involvement in your project is far more marginal. Also, at our customers’ request, we are always willing to sign specific Confidentiality Agreements.

How can I confirm a quote?

A written confirmation sent by e-mail is deemed to a valid work order allowing us to start translating your documents.

What is the VAT rate applicable to translations?

The official VAT rate is currently 19.6 % in France; in Luxembourg, it stands at 15%.

Why is a second translator assigned to my translation project?

Team Translation Expertise does not assume that just because a translation was made by a professional translator who is an expert in his field, it might not contain minor spelling or syntactic errors. That’s why we always ask a second translator to edit and proofread the work, even when it’s obviously a high-quality translation. And the more technical or scientific a document is, the more important it is that there be perfect consistency in meaning, expressions and terminology, and this requires the intervention of a second professional translator. The final goal, of course, is to offer you translations of such irreproachable quality as will fully meet and exceed your expectations.

Do the services of a second translator cost more?

All of our translation services inherently include the translation, editing and proofreading of your documents by at least two professionals. Therefore, our prices already consider this high level of service and quality, and there is no extra cost involved.

What does the project manager do?

Your project manager is responsible for preparing the estimate for your translation quote and any additional documents you might choose to attach during the project. He remains available for consultations from project launch to final delivery of your documents. You may contact him at any time for a progress report on your project or to offer technical comments to help our translators. If you wish to build up a dependable relation for repeat business, we can ensure you are always assigned the same project manager and translators for each new translation project.

What is the difference between a classic and a sworn translation?

A sworn translation is one made by a Court-approved translator who will affix a personal seal or stamp to the translated document. The combination of these two elements grants the translated document legal standing. We offer our private clients a directory of sworn translators in France that will help you find an available translator, consult his rates, areas of expertise and turnover time, and contact him directly.
On the other hand, a classic translation, often made for professionals, will be entrusted to a native translator who is an expert in his technical field. This kind of translation does not require the approval of a court.

Can I join your European network as a professional translator?

Oh you wish to become a member of Team Translation Expertise, you have to hold a Bachelor’ Degree in foreign languages or the equivalent, 3 years’ proven experience in translation and/or proofreading in at least one technical area (marketing, finance, ICT, etc.). If your profile meets our requirements, please feel free to complete our questionnaire.

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