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ISO 9001 Certification

What is the ISO 9001 standard?

ISO 9001 provides an overall and full-range structure around which organisations can set up standardised processes to reach their commercial objectives, in association with their providers, customers and internal management teams. With over a million certificates granted worldwide since its creation, this international seal of quality – the guarantee of technical know-how in management – is recognised far and wide.

The ISO 9001 Standard has been adopted in every industrial sector, from manufacturing to services, by professional organisations and structures. This level of acceptance is a reflection of the flexibility, value and practical recognition adopted by a wide range of international companies in diverse, cross cutting sectors.

In 2012, Team Translation Expertise was granted ISO 9001 certification by two official agencies, SQS and IQNet. This procedure, through which we standardised our quality-centred service-management processes, is your guarantee of our professionalism, managerial control and unquestionable quality for all your translation, interpretation and transcription services.

Team Translation Expertise has been granted this certification by two distinct agencies:

S.Q.S: The Swiss Association for Quality Management and Systems

 I.Q.N.E.T : the International Certification Network



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