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Language Pairs and Rates

We translate from and into the main European and international languages. Our rates vary depending on the language pair and the technical area of the documents:

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We work with any combination of languages indicated here.
For other languages, please contact us directly

Translation-correction work ranges from 0.12 Euro/word to 0.22 Euro/word.

For instance:    
- translation of a Word or pdf document from French to German in the field of Communications costs 0.13 Euro/word.
- translation of a scanned document from Dutch to Russian in Automotive Engineering costs 0.22 Euro/word.

Please note that we offer the same level of quality control and experience in all our translations, regardless of the technical area, the language pair or the deadline involved.

Proofreading costs between 0.06 Euro/word and 0.12 Euro/word.

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