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Services d'intérpretariat et interprétation simultanée et consécutive

Do you travel in Europe to attend seminars and conferences, to find new local partners, or to invite foreign investors? Team Translation Expertise has a network of interpreters available to accompany you and make your visits a success. The agency is a trusted leader in the provision of interpreting services translation tools for large-scale conventions, conferences, legal proceedings, depositions, fact-finding meetings, training courses, and guided tours. We select only experienced project managers, professional interpreters, cutting-edge translation, qualified technicians eager to do their best to help you, and an exclusive alignment system which will guarantee the success of your event.

To meet your interpreting needs, we commit to the following:

  1. We will find the best locally available interpreter in your field of activity.
  2. We will guarantee full confidentiality.
  3. We will guarantee you always have the same interpreter for each new assignment, if you wish.

Team Translation Expertise offers only the very cream of the crop, the best prices and irreproachable service. Contact us today, and let us help you make sure your project is a success. Our team of ISO 9001:2008-certified interpreters, translators and managers will find the best all-in-one solution to meet all your interpreting needs.

We specialise in conference interpreting in over 40 languages and in numerous areas, using a full range of equipment. Simultaneous interpreting, also known as “simultaneous translation" or “conference translation”, requires only the best. With over 8 years’ experience in handling large-scale conventions, you can trust us!

This type of interpreting is generally encountered in courts, in small-committee meetings, and in interviews during which the speaker stops at regular intervals and lets the translator speak. We have the ideal professional for your event. Waste no more time looking for bilingual employees or non-native speakers. Whether you are hosting an international delegation or offering training courses for new employees, you should realise there is more at stake, here, than just your money: we stake our corporate reputation and our professionalism.

We offer a total solution to ensure your event goes as planned. We provide fixed or portable interpreting equipment around the world, whether for private meetings or for public events, whether participants are a handful or a hundred thousand. Our certified technicians and support desk are available and eager to lend you a helping hand.

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