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Web Localisation

Localisation Traduction du site web par notre cabinet

Website localisation has become a prerequisite for any company seeking to expand abroad. Translating your website into several languages is a must if you are looking to target new markets. We offer you customised, effective solutions for multilingual website translations. To do so, Team Translation Expertise will assist you in creating or adapting your website to the meet the cultural specificities of each target country and increase your international competitiveness.


Team Translation Expertise’s commitments to its customers are to:

  • Guarantee high-quality translations produced by native speakers.
  • Adapt contents to increase and optimise their relevance.
  • Graphically and ergonomically harmonise your website to your target market.
  • Technically readjusting the website in the same application development language as the original version (Flash, PHP, JAVA, XML, HTML, DHTML…).
  • Daily performance and follow-up of the actual localisation.


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