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Project Management

Gestion de projet de traduction, transcription et interprétariat

Team Translation Expertise expands and improves its range of services and offers you customised project-managing services. Based on its experience and technical know-how, T2X offers a full range of personalised solutions to handle your multilingual localisation project, your translation, and your transcription or interpreting needs. You are assigned one contact person who will coordinate your personalised project management; your project manager, tasked with ensuring your full end-to-end satisfaction – from order placement to localisation and meeting each of your specific requirements – is the interface through which you and our translation experts will interact.

Our project-management and quality-control approach, which is strictly enforced throughout our entire participation in your project, includes a rapid cost estimate, the selection of the members of your translation team (translators, transcribers, interpreters, web and graphic designers), the incorporation of your technical observations, complementary documents and additional requests, and management of your invoicing.

Moreover, we are committed to adapt, as far as possible, our own technical knowledge and communications to the nature of your activity. finally, and in order to create a mutually trusting relationship and guarantee long-term collaboration, you will always be assigned the same project manager for all future works, unless you specifically request that someone else be assigned to your projects.

Your Team Translation Expertise project manager is in charge of the following operations:

  • Preparing your project estimates
  • Managing the planning and coordinating of your technical projects
  • Systematically checking all elements related to your localization project
  • Selecting, assigning, managing and supporting resources
  • Providing progress reports concerning your project and engaging in proactive communication
  • Managing unexpected events during the translation
  • Adding complementary documents to ongoing projects
  • Ensuring quality control
  • Client invoicing and follow-up

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