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Sworn Translation

You may need a sworn translation of either a personal or a professional document, to respond to a tax demand, or a public or official request. When a file requires certification, this means that you need to have your documents translated by a sworn translator, qualified as an expert translator attached to a French district court or appeals court. The status of sworn translator is awarded by the ministry of Justice after studying their profile and validating their skills and competences.

It should be noted that the English equivalent of this status is “sworn translation”. The sworn translator has the authority to translate and certify your documents, or even review an existing translation or document. The scope and validity of a sworn translation concerns the whole of the national territory.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the most common documents which may need certification:

A divorce certificate
A birth certificate
A legal notification
Legal documents
Your boating license
Your driving license

Your grade report
Company statutes or articles
Health insurance
A banking certificate
A patent

A medical certificate
An extract from the criminal records
A publication
And others …

How much does a translation by a sworn translator cost?

Our translation agency, Team Translation Expertise, works with sworn translators in France and provides you quickly with certified translations. The basic tariff is between 40 and 50 Euros (tax not included) per page, but this amount may vary depending on the language combination of your request, the type of document, and the quality of the electronic version sent.

Once the translation has been completed, we send you directly the printed certified original of your documents by post to the address of your choice. We can also, for no extra cost, send you by email an electronic version of the documents. Please note that generally the original hard copies are valid when dealing with the authorities.

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