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Aeronautics Translation

Aeronautics Translation

Aeronautics is the science or technological study, design and exploitation of aircraft. Translating in the aeronautics field requires therefore high analytical abilities and capacities. With this in mind we have carefully selected skilled professionals, real expert translators in aeronautics.


Our network of expert translators offers you solutions regarding aeronautic translations : civil, military and also in the professional sphere of commercial aviation guaranteeing total confidentiality of your projects.



Group of expert translators in aeronautics

We are developing our activities in numerous fields of expertise and Aeronautics is one of the key sectors because of its strategic position in the French and European economy. As a real industry driver in France, the aeronautics sector broadly speaking is at the forefront of innovation and research and is a driver for growth and activities essential to the French economic fabric. We wanted to put in place a group of expert translators in this field of highly technical specific activities.

That is why we are concentrating our resources on this specialization to translate accurately all the technical documentation coming from this sector. Alongside this we have established a systematic policy of implementing an incremental translation record during all the translation projects linked to the aeronautics sector with the aim of establishing a true terminology database dedicated to this technical field.

Specific domains: aerodynamics, aerospace engineering, orbital mechanics...

On the basis of this experience, we are currently competent regarding translations in more specialized domains: aerodynamics, aerospace engineering, orbital mechanics, air buoyancy, propulsion techniques, meteorology, civil aviation codes, etc …

Here are some references in the sector who have entrusted us with translations:

- ADVANCED AIR SUPPORT (Paris, Le Bourget)

- AEROVISION (Paris, Le Bourget)

- INAER HELICOPTER (France/ Spain)

- BC AIRCRAFT (Paris, Le Bourget)


- LA TRIBUNE (Cover Story "Aéronautique international")

- etc.

For any translation project linked to aeronautics, please do not hesitate to contact our offices.
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