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Engineering and technical translations

Engineering is the science, skill, and craft of acquiring and applying scientific, economic, social, and practical knowledge to the task of building structures, machines, devices, systems, materials, and processes. Translating accurately and effectively is therefore a challenge that requires expertise, knowledge, and careful thought in every technical field that falls under Engineering, Research, and Science. Our translation agency provides you with professionals and technical translation experience in the fields of engineering and other specialties.

Technical translation services

By focusing our resources and experience solely on translating technical and scientific documents where precision, accuracy, and consistency matter the most and are notoriously hard to achieve, we at the Team Translation Expertise translation agency are committed to helping make your multilingual projects a success. Our agency was founded and is managed by a team of managers and specialist translators educated in science and technology, with a solid technical background.

The high level of precision sought out in sectors where engineering is a constant presence are what make the translation needs of such fields different from other, simpler sectors. An inaccurate translation or a misunderstanding of the technical specifications in a patent or industrial analysis might not just compromise your company's brand image, it might also expose your business to unforeseen consequences or obligations.

Your technical translation agency

We specialize solely in technical translation in the following fields and sectors:


  • Industry (automotive, aeronautics, aerospace, civil engineering, cosmetics, electronics, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, nuclear, production, etc.)
  • Scientific (medical, biomedical, pharmaceutical, chemical, physical, ecology, environment, research and innovation, etc.)

NMT and Multimedia:

Computing software, programming, digital technology, telecommunications, Internet, networks, telephones, etc.

You can view the detailed list of our technical fields of specialization by clicking on this link.

Highly developed linguistic services

As a translation and localization agency based in Paris, we work in more than 100 languages, although our most frequent language pairs center around the following: French, English, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Lithuanian, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.

Recent quality control standards require businesses to be rigorous in managing themselves and informing clients about their work. With this in mind, we provide you with our translation expertise for your most sensitive and technical documents. We also strictly maintain confidentiality in order to preserve total professional secrecy.

Quality control and certification

Translation quality starts with qualified translators. At Team Translation Expertise, we work only with professional translators who are native speakers and are qualified in the technical sectors of engineering and industry: Understanding concepts is critical, which is all the more reason to have a real specialist translating. Our translators all have advanced degrees in either technical translation or in industrial fields (engineers, advanced technicians, researchers, professors, managers, etc.) With respect to our quality management standards, our translation agency is ISO 9001:2008 certified by two globally recognized Swiss organizations: SQS and IQNET.

Here is a sampling of the types of documents and content that we regularly translate for international clients, key accounts, small and medium businesses, and start-ups:

Technical specifications    
Manuals of procedures    
Instruction manuals
User guides    
Installation manuals    
Detailed invoices    
Software and technical interfaces  
Product listings
Hardware patents    
Product labels   

Scientific reports
Technical certificates
Technical presentations
Technical reports
Product catalogs
Fact sheets
Engineering policies
Requests for proposals
Technical procedures
Safety manuals

Sworn translations
Performance indicators
Engineering software
Technical standards
Maintenance manuals
Operational policy reports
Risk management notes
Technical directives
Inspection manuals
Activity logs
Inspection reports

A detailed list of the technical fields of professional translation in which the agency specializes can be found at this page.

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